miercuri, 3 aprilie 2013

Skyrama Hack V2.2

Skyrama Hack V2.2 Download


Hello! I present to you the latest hack to play Skyrama. The program Skyrama Hack V2.2 can add to the game: AirCoins and AirCash. The program was tested in 100 people, as far as the operation there were no objections, so I decided to release it in the world. The program is friendly to the eyes, and above all work as shown in the film. We invite you to download.

Besides this Skyrama Hack V2.2 have the following features:

  • Add Unlimited Skyrama AirCoins Hack

  • Add Unlimited Skyrama AirCash Hack

How to use Skyrama Hack Tool :

  1. Download Skyrama Hack Tool. Enter it and you will see the user interface like above.

  2. Enter the ammount of resources you want to add to the game and press Activate Hack Button.

  3. You’re done. Happy playing.

Download Skyrama Hack V2.2

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