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Blood and Glory Hack V2.0

Blood and Glory Hack

Blood and Glory Hack Tool – Cheats – Trainer

With this Blood and Glory Hack tool you can add Blood and Glory coins and Rubies and you can generate free skills to your Bubble Blood and Glory account. Download Blood and Glory Hack Tool only from

Blood and Glory Hack

Blood and Glory Hack for iPhone/iPad/Android Features

info hack

Features: Generate unlimited Coins, Skill, Rubies

Other options: Anti ban support and Proxy support

Operating system: iOS/Android

Recent Version: 2.0

Application Reviewed on: Iphone 4s/5 – Samsung Galaxy s3

Jailbreak required: NO

idevices supported: Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch, Android devices

Price: Freeware!

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Blood and Glory Review

Ahoy there me lads and lassies! It’s me again, your one and only pirate app bringing another game that I found from me treasure hunt. I sailed the seven seas to find the best applications to download and install on ye gadgets.

Long before I became a pirate, I would always play gore games on the playstation. I enjoy the dodging, stabbing and blood spattering action that these games give. Shiver me timbers! My mom would scold me whenever she would see me play those violent games. But I always sneak out when she’s asleep. Now that I’m a full grown pirate, I still love playing these kinds of games and I play them with me mates. One of the recent games that we have played is Blood and Glory.

In this game, you will play the role of a young gladiator. You will fight in an arena against another warrior with the goal to win at least 3 of the 5 fights on each tournament. However, it is still best if you take down all enemies on all levels of the each tournament as this will earn you an Invictus medal. This is the highest achievement that you can get on the game. Swipe across the screen to attack the enemy with your sword. Tap on the shield icon to block the attack of your enemy. You will see blood splatter on each slash. And when you defeat an enemy, you will see it fall on a pool of its own blood.

Improve your fighting skills and upgrade your armors and weapons to win your fights. Else, you will end up soaking on your own blood. Blimey! Even I get scared on the thought of swimming on me own blood. Aside from moving forward to the next fights, you will also earn money from winning the battle. The money you earned can be used for the upgrades, which you need for the next stages of the game. The enemies get stronger as you progress so you need to aim on making your character more powerful if you want to get the glory. Health potions are also available for purchase that you can use during the game. When your gladiator runs low on health, you can use the health potion to increase your health and stay in the game. You will need more of this potion especially on the first stages of the game when the armor and weapons of the gladiator are not yet upgraded.

Aside from money, rubies are also collected throughout the game. These rubies are used to gain access to the elite tournaments. However, it is not easy to collect them so a lot of players who wanted to try these special tournaments ended up purchasing rubies on the apps store. Coins and skill points are also available for in app purchases.

One of the things that will make ye all lads happy about this game is that it can be downloaded for free. No need to spend your booties to get it running on your device. Blow me down! The violence and amount of blood that you will see in the game will trigger your evil side. The controls work fine making it easy to block, dodge and attack. The game was able to get the feel of a gladiator battle on the arena, making ye more into the fight. The shouting of the crowd adds to the excitement of the game.

Though the game is available for free, earning coins and rubies is too slow. If you are not patient enough, you will end up getting all ye booties and trading them for in app purchase. Aaarrrrggghhh! I actually spent me gold from me last treasure hunt for more coins and rubies to use in the game. Though the graphics are crisp, the background seems a bit boring as all fights are situated on the arena.

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    This is fake :( , but Download blood and glory hack free working here:

    This is fake :( , but Download blood and glory hack free working here:

    This is fake :( , but Download blood and glory hack free working here: