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Kick the Boss Hack V2.0

Kick the Boss Hack

Kick the Boss Hack Tool – Cheats – Trainer

Nobody wants to spend real money on a free game. That’s why we made Kick the Boss Hack. With Kick the Boss Hack, you can get FREE unlimited coins! You don’t even need to be jailbroken and you don’t pay anything thing! Download Kick the Boss Hack Tool only from

Kick the Boss Hack

Kick the Boss Hack for iPhone/iPad/Android Features

info hack

Features: Generate unlimited Coins

Other options: Anti ban support and Proxy support

Operating system: iOS/Android

Recent Version: 2.0

Application Reviewed on: Iphone 4s/5 – Samsung Galaxy s3

Jailbreak required: NO

idevices supported: Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch, Android devices

Price: Freeware!

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Kick the Boss Review

Working life is not a garden full of roses. Almost everybody experience some difficulties in their careers. These difficulties vary in a long range. I do not approve any kind of physical violence but sometimes it is hard to suppress the desire for throwing a punch on your boss’ face. But, hence we are all civilized people, we do not take this action into real. Physical violence is inappropriate and forbidden. After finishing our didactic session, we can go on. If you still have some trouble with suppressing your desire for physical action, your phone would help you to ease this desire. I always say: our iOS devices are our Alfreds and We are all Bruce Wayne. If you want to throw a punch on your boss’ face, you can do it on your phone without ending up on the court. Kick the Boss may be the perfect fit for your inner peace. Kick the Boss is a very plain game. There is no goal in the game. You have a single motivation: Beating the boss who has just fired you with a stupid reasoning. You can hit him from one wall to another or, you can throw thumbtacks, pens, phones to your boss if you want. For now, they are unavailable but probably after an update; keyboards, monitors and other things would be added to this list. You can also buy real weapons, shotguns, grenades and other items from weapon department. If you are furious, you can try but if you are not, do not. It is heavy even for a game. But if you want to use these tools, you have to pay for them. But I am not talking about in-app purchase. We will come to that later. While you are beating your boss, you can also make money. Fair warning: For making big amount of money you have to beat him for a very very long time. If you get bored of beating the same boss in the same office, you can change them. But, you have to make money first. You can buy some coins if you want from the in-app store. Prices of coin packs vary between 0.99$ and 9.99$. App’s store menu is simple but the existence of the weapons menu which also functions as a store causes confusion. The difference between these two menus could be clearer. When it comes to gameplay, I am deeply sorry to say this but it is extremely insufficient. Graphics are very basic (in a bad way), gameplay is too slow. It is hard to figure out how to use weapons. Actually, you start to think if they have a function or not. Hitting the boss between walls is the best part. However, sliding could be so slow sometimes. Kick the Boss, may satisfy you with its name. But when it comes to gameplay, you would easily see that there are other options available in the AppStore for meeting your demand for physical violence. The concept is different but major improvements are needed when it comes to gameplay and in-app purchase. It would definitely much funnier to play this game, if these improvements have been made. Until then, look for other applications and count until ten when you get angry.

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