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Zombie Jombie Hack V2.0

Zombie Jombie Hack Tool – Cheat – Trainer

Nobody wants to spend real money on a free game. That’s why we made Zombie Jonbie Hacker. With Zombie Jombie Hacker, you can get FREE unlimited coins! You don’t even need to be jailbroken and you don’t pay anything thing! Download Zombie Jombie Hack Tool only from

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-Version: 2.0

-Price: Free

-Total Downloads: 11349


Zombie Jombie Hack Features

- Easy to use

- Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android

- All Items Added

- Free Bucks

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Zombie Jombie Review

Zombie Jombie is like some crazy composite zombie being. It’s got the legs of a card game, the torso of an RPG, and the head of an adventure game. It’s a wild creature, this app.

If you’re new to the social gaming scene, Zombie Jombie would be a tough starting point because of the sheer complexity of the menus and gameplay. Of course, the flip side is that there’s a ton of content to reward you for your tenacity. And the app ties it all together with some zombie-tacular visuals.

Whether it’s questing, collecting, or fighting you’re after, Zombie Jombie will give you your fill. Oh, and brains. Lots of brains.

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