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Stick Wars 3 Hack V2.0

Stick Wars 3 Hack

Stick Wars 3 Hack Tool – Cheats – Trainer

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Stick Wars 3 Hack

Stick Wars 3 Hack for iPhone/iPad/Android Features

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Features: Generate unlimited Diamonds

Other options: Anti ban support and Proxy support

Operating system: iOS/Android

Recent Version: 2.0

Application Reviewed on: Iphone 4s/5 – Samsung Galaxy s3

Jailbreak required: NO

idevices supported: Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch, Android devices

Price: Freeware!

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Stick Wars 3 Review

Stick figures look pretty harmless at first glance and we all know that the bad guys never win. PulsePlay decided to change this up with their latest title, Stick Wars 3. Can a tower defense game be fun when it involves an evil stick figure trying to take over the world? I aimed to find out.

The story of Stick Wars 3 places you in the role of King Maelnik, the evil overlord from the second Stick Wars, as he sets out to destroy the hero King Otto who thwarted his plans before. Maelnik’s army consists of almost all undead stick men and sinister powers. As you progress through the story, you unlock more features from archers to trolls.

For stick figures, the graphics are pretty good. The lines are smooth and colors really stand out. I had expected less effort considering the fact that all the characters in the title are all stick figures. Also the background music is light and doesn’t drown out the sound effects.

Stick Wars 3‘s gameplay has you rely on the tap and flick motion as the enemies advance towards the wall you must protect. There are features that you unlock that can help in protecting your defenses. You can utilize the archers, necromancers, or trolls to your advantage; however, it is just as easy as to flick the stick enemies across the screen. Some skills require a set number of souls which are acquired by either dragging an enemy to the Soul Pit or hoping that your aim is perfect when you flick them. With the three levels of difficulty available from the start, the game is spiced up a bit, even though you could possibly just rely on constant flicking to beat a stage.

Each stage varies in length as you survive wave after wave of enemies. It does do well if you like playing in short bursts. One thing that I feel the need to point out is that, for some, most of your time playing will be spent on doing the same level over and over. The game is known to crash on different stages, causing you to have to restart the app and pick up from the last saved stage. This is normally something that wouldn’t bother me if it is an occasional crash. However, my experience with the crashing was constant whenever my iPod Touch’s battery wasn’t fully charged. Which has me wondering if the battery’s charge level plays a big role in preventing the game from crashing. Stick Wars 3 does make use of the Game Center app. There are only six achievements. If you really enjoy the title, they are not that hard to unlock.

Despite the crashing, PulsePlay has developed a good title. The game might get old after awhile, though I think that as long as you find humor in the flinging of stickmen to their deaths, Stick Wars 3 will keep you satisfied. This title is free on the App Store with in-game purchases. These purchases range in price from 99 cents up to $7.99. You do not need to purchase the diamonds to beat the game, but they do allow you to get the most from it.

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