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Temple Run 2 Hack

Temple Run 2 Hack Tool – Cheats – Trainer

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Temple Run 2 Hack

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Temple Run 2 Hack Proof

Using this Temple Run 2 Cheat is really easy. It’s free and it’s easy to setup. Using this Temple Run 2 Coin/Gem/Points cheat you’ll be also able to edit your Temple Run 2 Stats like Highest Score, Longest Run, Most Coins, Total games, Total Distance, Total Coins & more.

Uhm, that’s not all, using this Temple Run 2 Cheat you’ll be able to complete all your achievements like Score 25,000 points, collect 100 coins, run 500 meters.

Temple Run 2 Hack Proof

Temple Run 2 Review

This was the premise for the first Temple Run, a hit mobile game: Your character has stolen an idol from a temple, and has to outrun temple guardians (monkey-beast things) while avoiding obstacles and nabbing coins, for as long as possible. Now, just-released for iOS, is Temple Run 2, and that description pretty much sums it up, too.

Here’s what’s different. There’s just one big monkey this time. The graphics are better, and the temple you run through is a little more expansive, featuring waterfalls and clouds this time around. The path you run curves slightly, unlike the first Temple Run‘s totally liner path, but that doesn’t affect gameplay too much.

For the most part, the game sticks to the formula that made it a success. Even the power-ups you gain by gathering coins, where you’d think the developers might be able to add some features pretty easily, looks almost untouched. Not that all that’s a bad thing: If you liked the first Temple Run, there’s a solid chance you’ll likeTemple Run 2, seeing as it’s a better-looking version of the first game.

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