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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 Hack V2.0

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 Cheat Tool – Hack – Trainer

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 Review

I really like gold games – I have since I played them on my computer back in the ‘90s. So when I saw Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 was out, I wanted to see how it stacked up. There are lots of changes in this version, and the vast majority of them work really well!

As with other Tiger Woods games, you start of being able to create your golfer. You have a lot of free reign in the decisions, so you can personalize quite a bit. I remember one computer game where you got to personalize things like haircut, weight, hair color, but you can’t do that here. You can also update your golfer skills, enhancing areas you think might be important (such as power) at the expense of other areas (like recovery). The skill areas are pretty universal with all golf games. In addition to creating your own player, you can play as a famous golfer – but where is the fun in that?

Once you start to play, you have a variety of game modes to choose from – closest to the tee (to play with friends in Facebook), Tiger challenge (challenges for money), PGA tour, and multiplayer. The goal in all these is to win (duh) and get money to buy new equipment and upgrades for your player. I tried a few rounds in match play (I didn’t want to sign in for the Closest to the Pin challenge), and that was when I found out the new playing style.

The general game is the same – choose your club, choose your kind of shot, choose where you aim, then start swinging. This is where it is different – most console games (and most computer games) have a timing mechanism for the gold swing – you tap a button to start the swing, you tap it at the right time for the power, and then tap it at the right time for the accuracy. This game makes full use of the touch screen. You actually have to swipe the ball downward to the power level, and then swipe the ball upward to complete the swing. Timing seems completely unimportant – instead a lot has to do with the accuracy of your finger and how straight you can keep your hand movement. The cool thing about this is that is you WANT a fade shot; you simply have to swipe your finger in that direction. It is a lot more intuitive, but it also means there is a bit more of a learning curve. I found it much more enjoyable. Putting is similar – they still have the grid layout of the putting green, but you now swipe the ball back and forth to putt.

The graphics are nice – nothing mind blowing but they fit the game as well. I wish you had the option of choosing music to play, because the in game announcers leave a lot to be desired (they are pretty boring, actually). You can get various hint screens throughout the game, and they even have some hint features built in (like previewing what your putt will look like). I found this to be much more challenging, and much more enjoyable than other golf games I have played. The cost of the iPad version seems to be fluctuating – it was $4.99 when I bought it, but has been switching back and forth between $1.99 and $4.99 over the past few months.

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