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League of Legends Hack RP Points

League of Legends Hack RP Points

Altough there are already some league of legends rp hacks available, what makes our’s so unique is that it is available free of charge. We are doing this to aquire more fans, we already have a big fan base but we believe that offering a league of legends rp hack freely will make the fan number “explode”!

League of Legends Hack RP Points was developed by cracking the original league of legends rp points algorithm, our team of coders used that algorithm and built a generator based on it, this means that our tool will generate unlimited amounts of unique and valid league of legends reward point codes.

Note: Beware youtube videos stating they provide lol codes, most of these videos are promoting fake software using simple coding techniques, most of the times they will not work. Generaly when comment section requires approval it will be fake software.

League of Legends Hack RP Points

How to use League of Legends Hack RP Points:

1. Enter amount of IP and RP

2. Select Server

3. Open the client

4. Press “Execute Changes”

5. Close client and open it again.

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