duminică, 24 martie 2013

11×11 Cheat Tool


How to use?

- Open hack

- Type in-game username(for facebook type your email) and press “Connect”.

- Add goods and press “Activate”


- Support facebook and official site.

- AutoUpdates

Note: Update hack frequently for latest improvements!


Game Review:

Facebook has emerged as an excellent source of soccer management games thanks to titles like FIFA Superstars and Top Eleven11×11 attempts to nudge its way into this crowded space by offering a more approachable and visual take on the genre. For the most part it works, as the game combines a great presentation with management gameplay that’s not particularly complex, to make for an appealing all around package. However, a few niggling issues and the absence of a few key features make this an experience with room to improve.

As with most soccer management games, 11×11 tasks you with building up a professional team from nothing. You’re given a group of players to begin with and how you decide to shape your club from there is up to you. You’ll come up with a team name, design your logo and jersey, formulate strategies, and tweak your line-up by buying and selling players and putting them through training sessions. Your team can compete in a variety of matches, including exhibition games against random players, friendlies against any friends who are playing, and a wide array of tournaments. Once you play a match you’ll have to wait a pre-determined amount of time to play again (or spend premium currency to speed up the process).

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