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Deity Wars Hack Tool

Deity Wars Hack Tool – Cheat – Trainer

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Deity Wars Review

ard-battling titles are extremely generalized on both iOS and Android right now, with competitors GREE and Mobage the two major hitters vying for supremacy in this lucrative genre. Mobage’s Rage of Bahamut in particular has demonstrated to be a immense success on both iOS and Android devices, and the firm is clearly hoping to replicate that powerful performance with Deity Wars, its newest title for Android devices.

Rage of Bahamut, which we reviewed here, proved immensely generalized due to its leveraging of the “catch ‘em all” mentality among dedicated card game lovers and fans of video games such as Pokemon. Objectively speaking, anyhow, it is a technically weak product — its interface resembles a website from the 1990s, its choices are buried in unintuitive locations around the numerous menu screens, it has no sound and it doesn’t run well at all on Android tablets. Its gameplay is additionally significantly missing for those hoping for a game with the depth of Magic: The collecting – for numerous, the benchmark of how to get card-battling gameplay right. Does Deity Wars repair its predecessors problems?

The short answer is “some of them.” Deity Wars appears much better optimized for tablet devices, with animations now running at an okay frame rate, and it has sound and music that add a noticeable sense of drama to the proceedings. But its interface still resembles a poorly-designed website, the alternatives on offer to players are even buried in obtuse locations around the unintuitive menus, and the gameplay is yet largely a “hands off” romance. Completing “quests” still involucres pressing a “do quest” button until either the player’s aptitude points run out or the quest is completed, and battling other players is yet a case of building a deck of cards with greater numbers on them than your opponents. There is no tactical, moment-to-moment strategic gameplay — it is easily about gathering (or purchasing) the absolute possible items and occasionally mixing them together to make them stronger.

Social play in the game takes many forms. The first players are probable to stumble upon comes in the type of “raid bosses,” which Mobage’s marketing tries to make out is a few sort of new feature, but is if truth be told the same implementation of “boss” characters that other games of this type have seen for years. A large monster with a immense health bar looks, and players must defeat it. It’s unlikely this will be probable in a single fight, anyhow, so players are able to call upon their in-game friends and allies to additionally deal hurt to the boss and take it down as a group effort. Again, even if, combat contrary the boss is completely hands off — players don’t get to trigger singular abilities or elect what their cards will do, easily watch the action unfold and the health bars deplete.

Alongside battling contrary raid bosses, players can fight one another or exchange “friendship medals” with their allies. The latter items must be used on the day they are received, and could be exchanged each week for “ranking rewards” in line with how numerous have been assembled. It’s also probable for players to post “yells” on each other’s profiles so as to communicate with each other directly. Players are recommended to do this by the awarding of “Yell Points” after posting on a profile. These are primarily used to accumulate new cards day after day.

Deity Wars is a significantly better product than Rage of Bahamut due to its bigger degree of audio-visual polish and performance optimization, but it isn’t going to change the mind of someone who has previously been put off this form of game. Going by the astronomical popularity of its predecessor, anyhow, it’s likely to be pleased of a appreciable degree of success — and even more so when the inevitable iOS version looks.

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