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Fieldrunners 2 iOS Review

There are a staggering number of tower protection games accesible on the App Store. They vary in themes, settings and a couple of minor gameplay elements, but they’re all working off the same initial concept. plenty of little soldiers march on screen and it’s up to you to stop them, building defensive towers with a numerous strengths and weaknesses depending on what types of foes you’re up contrary. One of the markedly first tower protection games on the App Store, before the mad rush began in earnest, was Fieldrunners. It was well-balanced, visually charming, and offered lots of replay value. But that was almost 4 years and hundreds of rivals ago. Now Fieldrunners 2 is attempting to retake the throne.

Instead of drastically changing the tower protection gameplay elements in Fieldrunners 2, Subatomic Studios opted to refine them. One of the greater improvements is the addition of a path marker. In the original game, the unending stream of fieldrunners would go after a very special path. They’d pretty well march straight until they hit something. In Fieldrunners 2, the tiny soldiers, tanks and motorcycles will stream across the battlefield more realistically, continually changing their route depending on where you place your towers. They’ll no longer walk right into the heart of a flamethrower pit, for example, except you’ve given them no other measure. Pausing the game will describe you just how a placed tower will impact the flow, like throwing a large rock into a shallow river.

The path markers are a alternative to encourage more tactic and less guesswork, even though they aren’t continually 100 %exact. If, for example, one path is backed up with runners, tanks from the rear might try to take a longer route to make quicker progress. shortly, these fieldrunners now have brains. A scary prospect.

A few other gameplay enhancements have been added to commit the game a bit less punishing to newcomers. Outside of your defensive towers, you’re able to bring two offensive aptitudes into battle. You can, for example, place down proximity mines to automatically take out a tougher enemy that someway made it by means of your gauntlet. You can also elect to rewind time by 3 turns in case your newest strategy did not quite pan out.

Power-ups have a limited number of uses per level, even though, and can be bought with coins earned from in-game performance (completing missions, getting kills). Subatomic has, in the meanwhile, completely excised in-app buying from its game, a lovely measure given the recent IAP trend hitting iOS. So, for 3 bucks, you’re getting the full monty.

Fieldrunners 2 varies up the gameplay with the addition of a couple of new modes, even though these may be hit or miss. A speedy Sudden Death Mode leaves you with just 3 lives to contend with a staggering stream of enemies, with the basic goal of killing a definite number of them before you’re overrun. Sudden Death maps can take just a couple minutes, whereas the traditional Survival Mode can take a half-hour or more, selling a cool change of pace.

Less successful is Puzzle Mode where you’re trying to force fieldrunners into pre-set obstructions using the path marker to indicate where they’ll be headline. This mode looks far more based around trial-and-error and feels half-baked in comparison to other modes, particularly since the fieldrunner routes can be difficult to predict.

But, even in the so-so Puzzle Mode, Fieldrunners 2 still manages to look gorgeous. The game has Retina support for iPhone and iPod Touch, for you to pinch and zoom all the way in to see the incredibly-detailed demise of hundreds of puny soldiers. There’s a crispness and charm to the graphical style, bringing to mind a Pixar movie or Team Fortress 2. in spite of the carnage on screen, it never seems brutal or insanely gory. It’s the equivalent of a child’s take on war, where biplanes and motorcycles zoom around electrical towers and bumblebee catapults.

These stellar graphics would have looked splendid on a greater screen, but sadly the game lacks native iPad support. It’s worth noting Fieldrunners 2 gives the look quite good on an iPad (even on a new, Retina iPad), but is by no means the same as when the full screen is being utilized. At 2x mode, the game leaves about 15% of the iPad screen black around the edges. A native iPad version will truly come in some unspecified time in the future, but for now it’s a shame this was not just a universal app.

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